Les Petits Macarons

There are early accounts of the creation of a Macaron almond cookie, which could have been the inspiration for the Macaron we enjoy today. Traditionally it is believed that it was introduced in France by the Queen Catherine de Medici's Italian chef during the Renaissance. It wasn’t until the early 1930′s that the “Macaron” took … Continue reading Les Petits Macarons

Amazing French Movies on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video also has a very nice selection to rent or buy  (I hear there's a collection of about 150 films and every genre). With an Amazon Prime membership all the movies are free and if you're just signing up you get to try Amazon Prime FREE for 30 days, not a bad deal! You'll … Continue reading Amazing French Movies on Amazon Prime

25 Popular French Series on Netflix

Some series are worth watching again until new ones come along and some are just plain binge-worthy. I prefer real life drama, comedies, and action and not so much the dark gloomy ones so I listed just a few in this genre. If you are learning French there's no better way than to improve your … Continue reading 25 Popular French Series on Netflix

Les Escargots de Bourgogne

‘Burgundy snails’ this is Helix species of snail Roman snail Il pleut il mouille c'est la fête à la grenouille but it's also la chasse aux escargots! When it rains the frogs come out but it's also open snail season especially after thunder or early morning dew. « Quand l’orage gronde, l’escargot corne »When thunder roars, the … Continue reading Les Escargots de Bourgogne

The Best Natural French Soaps: Savon de Marseille

The best natural French soaps have been made for centuries in Marseille. The Genuine Savon de Marseille soap cube is 100% natural, made only with vegetable oils (72% olive oil), with no added fragrance, coloring, and additives. It is free of petroleum-based products and animal fats, unlike most of the other soaps and shower gels … Continue reading The Best Natural French Soaps: Savon de Marseille

10 Classic French Perfumes

There are so many delicious perfumes but for this list's sake, I selected 10 Classic French Perfumes. Perfume or Parfums and Eau de Parfum is a luxurious necessity that has the power to uplift, inspire, comfort, arouse, captivate, intoxicate and seduce.  It makes me feel good and I miss it terribly when I am out. I'd … Continue reading 10 Classic French Perfumes