Emily in Paris Returns for Round 2

Well, it’s in the can Emily in Paris will be back for round two or “deux” as announced by Netflix in November 2020. Production filming in Paris began in May 2021 and just ended this month. There’s no official release date yet, except for the trailer and we can most likely expect season 2 shortly in late 2021 or early 2022. Starring: Lily Collins, Philippine … Continue reading Emily in Paris Returns for Round 2

25 Popular French Series on Netflix

Some series are worth watching again until new ones come along and some are just plain binge-worthy. I prefer real life drama, comedies, and action and not so much the dark gloomy ones so I listed just a few in this genre. If you are learning French there’s no better way than to improve your French than listening to the French language and watching a … Continue reading 25 Popular French Series on Netflix

Favorite French Netflix Series

If you ever want to binge on Netflix in French you probably already know that there’s a very good selection of movies and series to tune into. There’s something for everyone from comedies, documentaries, thrillers to the supernatural. These are the recent French series I really enjoyed and more to come as this post will get updated. Call My Agent! / Dix pour cent   (2015-2020 … Continue reading Favorite French Netflix Series