French Summer Essentials

Nothing screams French style more than the traditional handmade French Straw Market basket or panier de paille which is used all year long in France especially for shopping at the market or faire les courses au marché and which makes the perfect summer beach bag. Our selection is the Moroccan Basket Straw Bag Style from ArtOuarzazate,  French … Continue reading French Summer Essentials

10+ French Fashion Winter Basics on a Budget

I was looking through the French Vogue Fashion Week 2020 I loved the full body bubble jacket we call a "Doudoune" in French but I didn't like the designer price tag as I am always looking for a bargain and quality. As I was scrolling for Doudounes on Amazon, I selected 10 French Fashion Winter Basics on a Budget … Continue reading 10+ French Fashion Winter Basics on a Budget