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2 French Guys Get Lucky at the Grammys!

Daft Punk  French pop duo members Guy-Manuel and Thomas Bangalter, Nile Rodgers, Paul Williams, and Pharrell Williams accept the  GRAMMY for Album Of The Year for Random Access Memories at the 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards on Jan. 26 in Los Angeles.

 The album received three honors:  Album of the year, best dance/electronica album engineered album, and record of the year and best pop duo/group performance.

“I suppose the robots would like to thank … I bet France is really proud of these guys right now.

Pharrell Williams  and musical legends Nile Rodgers, Stevie Wonder  join together for their rendition of Daft Punk’s hot summer single disco anthem “Get Lucky.”

Katy Perry, Paul McCartney, Beyonce, Jay Z, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, Bruno Mars, Marc Anthony, Steven Tyler, Keith Urban, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, with the rest of the Staples Center crowd on their feet grooving to the beat!

“Captain Kirk uses the Enterprise. They sail on a ship called Generosity,” Paul Williams said about the duo. “This is a labor of love and we are all so grateful.

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Vadel Makes US Debut in Los Angeles!

Who is Vadel?  ” He’s young, gorgeous, bursting at the seams with talent, French, played with the biggest and everyone young and not so young loves him! ”  says one of his French fans in LA! 

Vadel Makes US Debut in Los Angeles!
Vadel Makes US Debut in Los Angeles!

Born Adam Vadel, he is a French 20-year-old  songwriter, singer, musician, and producer born in August 1993, a cross between Marc Bolan and Michael Hutchence. At the age of 6, he studies music at the Erik Satie Academy of Paris and a few years later he performs on stage for the first time at 9 years old as a pianist with Tyrone Downie (The Wailers) in a Latin club in Paris.


In high school, he learns to play guitar on his own and forms his first band and also participates weekly to jam sessions in the biggest jazz clubs of Paris. He is a guest on « Le Grand Journal» to present his first solo album released digitally. Later on, at one of his shows at the Gibus Club, he meets the president of Universal Music France, Pascal Nègre, who signs him on the record label Polydor. Vadel starts a year of touring and performs with his band all over Europe as an opening act for Joe Cocker, Iggy Pop, P!NK and INXS.

At 17, he represents France at the White Nights Festival of St. Petersburg and wins the First People’s Choice Award allowing him to perform as a supporting act with The Doors +Ian Astbury, Woody Allen, and Thin Lizzy.  When he gets back from Russia, Vadel graduates and decides to dedicate himself fully to music.

This past summer, the band performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland and opened for Santana’s European tour.  In New York, Vadel works with producer Nick Sansano (Sonic Youth, Public Enemy, Run DMC).  Vadel is signed to EMI‘s label Play-On, which released the band’s first single, “Drama Queen.”   He is currently composing the music for a French and Canadian production, a rock opera called: A Tale of the Future


Vadel in Concert US Debut:  Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 At 7.30 PM www.theatreraymondkabbaz.com


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“M” 1st US Concert Flashback

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Los Angeles Aime -M- !!!

Los Angeles aime – M – !!!  Exclusive Premiere @ El Rey Theater!

OOH LA LA French Music Festival was underway last week bringing to L.A a myriad of artists and musical genres with a great line -up of French & Francophone talent. On October 12, 2012, Los Angeles welcomed French superstar simply known as  -M-  from his birth name Matthieu Chedid. The pseudonym comes from Chedid’s first name initial but also refers to the similar-sounding French word “aime”, meaning “love”.

From 2000 to the present ‑M- won almost consecutively the French Victoires de la musique awards as well as  “Male artist of the year” and “Best concert: , “Best Music DVD” for Les leçons de musique, directed by Émilie Chedid, a César Award  for “Best original soundtrack” for Ne Le Dis À Personne, directed by Guillaume Canet.

At -M- ‘s exclusive music premiere in L.A at El Rey Theater, his fans went crazy!  Matthieu swooned his audience with his charm and sensual classics such as “Je dis aime” ( I say Love) , “Le complexe du corn flakes”   etc… as well as his brand new funky track MOJO!  Near the end of the concert as he free-fell and dove into the crowd from the stage he reemerged in a sea of loving arms. singalongs, audience members dancing on stage and sharing in the excitement, yes there was Love in the air! How could we resist? Clearly, L.A loves -M-!

In French -le 12 octobre dernier OOh LA LA Festival accueillait de nombreux artistes français et francophones à Los Angeles. On eut la chance d’applaudir le superstar surnommé -M-  d’après son nom de naissance Matthieu Chedid pour sa première exclusive à Los Angeles au El Rey Theater!

De 2000 à aujourd’hui  ‑M- remporte presque consécutivement les Victoires de la musique, Artiste masculin de l’année , “Meilleur concert” , “Meilleur DVD” pour  Les leçons de musique, dirigé par Émilie Chedid, un César pour  “Meilleur soundtrack ”  ou bande sonore originale pour le  film  Ne Le Dis À Personne, dirigé par Guillaume Canet.

Ce soir là à L.A, Matthieu enchanta son public avec son charme et ses titres sensuels populaires dont “Je dis aime” , ” Le complexe du Corn Flex”  etc…ainsi que son tout nouveau titre à la funky MOJO!  Vers la fin du concert, il plongea dans la foule pour rejaillir dans un océan de mains bienveillantes. Tous en coeur  à fredonner les chansons et à danser sur scène avec ce chanteur charismatique …comment ne pas se laisser séduire?  Oui ,on aime -M- !

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Cécile Hortensia’s Debut Album “Papillons”

Cécile Hortensia’s Bilingual Debut Album “Papillons” in LA on October 23 !

French singer Cécile Hortensia will release her Bilingual Debut Album “Papillons” on Electric Lotus Label this week on October 10, 2012!  Cécile who was born in Nancy and  now resides in Phoenix, Arizona  fuses her French roots with her adopted American culture in a bilingual, bi-cultural collection of songs.

Each of the 12 tracks on Papillons explores a different side of the daring journey she took, seeking to find adventure in a new cultural perspective which many of us can relate to.  “This album represents my voyage from France to the United States having to start all over and reinventing my life .For example, ” Cactus Road”  is inspired from one of the street in Phoenix , “Coyote”  and “This is My Home “celebrate nature’s beauty and mysteries while “Rolling Down Route 66 ” is a humorous tribute to the American Wild West myth.

Why is the album called “Papillons” ? it was the title of the very first track and an instinctive play on word “having butterflies in your stomach” but  Cécile confides that “Papillons is also a nickname I bestow on people I love and touch me and of course the notion of the chrysalis, the rebirthing and new life! 

Cécile Hortensia’s songwriting is poetic,delicate and instrospective, beautifully combining the two places she calls home. The main influence in this album is her journey of starting a new life in a new country, confronted by a new environment, a new language and a new culture. “I always liked the idea that you can run away, move forward, try to find yourself elsewhere and give yourself a fresh start”, she explains, “but at the same time, I know it is a chimera. You simultaneously have to deal with your roots and your past that shaped who you are, and ‘Papillons’ is the result of this musical journey.” 

“Papillons” produced  by Frenchman Olivier Zahm  is a collaboration Hortensia believes was made effortless by their shared language and cultural backgrounds ” We are from the same generation and share the same musical culture and references. Our meeting was meant to be.”  The songs were born in French with an American touch, ” I feel that the music is the perfect translation of my journey “

Cécile finds inspiration all around her, through her feelings and emotions and in something bigger than we are and especially in nature. “The role of the artist is to capture his or her environment and to transcribe it so that people can recognize themselves as well.”   For Cécile happiness is  ” just to be, creating and assuming my life, finding and expressing myself in a global language … the language of music.”  

Cecile Hortensia is on cross-country tour and will be LIVE  IN LOS  ANGELES on  Tuesday October 23rd  for an intimate accoustic  evening   at Genghis Cohen located at 740 N. Fairfax Ave, LA, CA 90046 – (323) 653-0640 – RSVP 

(En français)

Cécile Hortensia fera ses débuts avec  son premier album bilingue “Papillons” à Los Angeles le 23 octobre!

Chanteuse française Cécile Hortensia  sortira son premier album bilingue  “Papillons”avec Electric Lotus Label cette semaine le 10 octobre 2012! Cécile née à Nancy réside maintenant à Phoenix en Arizona fusionne dans une collection de chansons bilingues et biculturelles ses racines françaises et la culture de son pays d ‘adoption l’Amérique!

“Cet album représente mon aventure  en quittant la France pour les Etats-Unis, d’avoir à recommencer et réinventer ma vie.” Chacun des 12 titres de Papillons explore une autre facette du voyage audacieux qu’elle a entrepris, en quête d’aventures dans une nouvelle perspective culturelle que beaucoup d’entre nous peuvent apprécier. Par exemple , les titres  “Cactus Road”  ( une ruelle de Phoenix près de chez elle) , “Coyote”  et “This is My Home”  célèbrent la beauté et les mystères de la nature tandis que  “Rolling Down Route 66″ est un hommage humoristique au mythe du Far West américain.

Pourquoi l’album est-il intitulé “Papillons”? Cécile révèle que c’était le titre de la toute première chanson ainsi qu’un  jeu de mots instinctif  «avoir des papillons dans l’estomac”, mais elle nous confie que «Papillons c’est aussi le surnom  que je donne aux  gens que j’aime et qui  me touche et puis  bien entendu  la notion de la chrysalide, la renaissance et la vie nouvelle!”

L’écriture de Cécile Hortensia est poétique, délicate et introspective combinant avec justesse  les deux lieux qu’elle appelle “chez elle”. Le thème principal de cet album c’est son parcours pour recommencer une nouvelle vie dans un nouveau pays, confrontée à un nouvel environnement, une nouvelle langue et une nouvelle culture. «J’ai toujours aimé l’idée que  l’on puisse s’échapper, aller de l’avant, se trouver soi-même ailleurs et se donner un nouveau départ”, explique-t-elle, “mais en même temps, je sais que c’est une chimère. On ne peut pas se débarrasser de ses racines  et de son passé qui font qui l’on est et «Papillons» est le résultat de ce voyage musical. ” 

“Papillons”est un album produit par  Olivier Zahm  lui-même français installé aux Etats-Unis. Selon Hortensia c’est une collaboration qui s’est produite  sans effort  grâce à leur culture commune,  “Nous sommes de la même génération et partageons  la même culture et références musicales ce qui a définitivement facilité le processus d’enregistrement.  Notre rencontre était un grand hasard pour le mieux.”   Les chansons sont nées françaises avec une touche américaine,  “Je crois que la musique retranscrit  parfaitement ce que je vis entre les deux pays”

Cécile puise  son inspiration tout autour d’elle, dans ses sentiments et  émotions et  puis dans quelque chose de plus grand que nous et surtout dans la nature. “Le rôle de l’artiste est de capter son environnement et de le transcrire pour que les gens puissent s’y reconnaître aussi.” Pour Cécile le bonheur c’est « d’être tout simplement, créer et assumer  sa vie, se trouver et s’exprimer dans une langue universelle  … le langage de la musique.”

Cécile Hortensia est en tournée aux Etats-Unis  et se produira LIVE  A LOS ANGELES  le mardi  23 octobre pour une soirée acoustique intime  à Genghis Cohen situé au 740  N. Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046 – (323) 653-0640 – RSVP


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French Invasion @ Fabien Castanier Gallery


*featuring limited edition FRENCH INVASION print sale to benefit Inner-City ArtsFabien Castanier Gallery is proud to present the first exhibition in Los Angeles dedicated to the work of France’s leading street artists today. FRENCH INVASION features brand new work by: JonOne, Nasty, Rero, Speedy Graphito and Tilt. The exhibition will present an extensive range of work by these artists including paintings, installations, silkscreens and sculpture. Speedy Graphito, JonOne and Tilt will be present at the Opening Reception on May 12th, spraying a collaborative mural live from 4-7pm.

Paris has always been an important source of creative inspiration for artists across the globe, giving rise to some of the most important art movements in history. Though born in NYC, graffiti made its way across the pond, becoming firmly rooted in the neighborhoods of France. Whereas art produced on the streets was previously relegated to neighborhood walls and the metro, today it can be seen in galleries and museums. Street art in France has become one of the most considerable art movements of this century.

FRENCH INVASION highlights the differences in media, context, audiences and issues that these artists maintain both on the street and in the art market. Common to all these artists is their investment in the streets of Paris during the past decade but also their evolution in galleries in France and abroad. Contemporary urban art is now the movement of today and tomorrow.

FRENCH INVASION limited edition print
$45 each
On sale May 12th at 11am
Proceeds to benefit Inner-City Arts

Copyright © 2012 Fabien Castanier Gallery, All rights reserved.CONTACT:

P. 818.748.6014  |



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