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The Ultimate French-Inspired Gift Guide

Bonjour my Francophile readers, I had fun selecting some French-inspired gift items for you. Some are humorous and totally cliché (although truthfully I really wouldn’t mind an authentic Laulhere HeritageBérêt in my favorite color Fushia 🙂 some truly celebrate the Made in France artisans, others are more practically French, and still some are just deliciously luxuriously French.

You’ll find ideas for your Francophile French-loving friends, your dinner party hostess, your co-worker, your sweetheart or chéri(e), your newborn baby, niece, nephew or grandchild, your favorite Chef, etc… I hope you’ll like them and feel free to browse through.

 The Ultimate French-Inspired Gift Guide

French-Inspired Cliché Gifts

This is a fun stereotype selection of cliché gifts for the true Francophile (Some items are hilarious and I wouldn’t mind having them too 🙂

Made in France Gifts  

This selection of items is specifically Made in France items to promote French savoir-faire and sustain our French Heritage and economy. Most are old traditional French Houses or Maisons that represent the best of France’s artisanship. (more to come on that!)

10 Classic French Perfumes

A selection of 10 classic men and women French fragrances for your chéri(e) ❤ from the best French Maison de Parfums from Grasse, France

French Gifts for Bébé

Some truly French-inspired baby gifts for the little ones (it’s never too early to have French flair and style:)

5 Items to Bring Out Your Inner French Chef

So put on your apron and pour yourself a nice glass of wine and let’s get cooking! Your inner French Chef is ready!

…and the list goes on, I think there’s something for everyone all year long and I enjoyed creating these French-inspired gift suggestions items for you.

Merci les amis and happy gift-giving 🙂