Tarte aux pommes

French apple pie has nothing to do with its American patriotic cousin from the Vermont state.  In France we call  apple pie: “Tarte aux pommes” and it is more of a tart than a pie. The difference is that a pie usually  has another layer covering the filling, while tarts leave it open. It is a classic, every French family has its own grandma recipe and there are many variations: Tarte aux pommes, Tarte Tatin, Tarte  Normande etc… To vary you can also make different tart crust like pâte brisée, pâte feuilletée, pâte sablée etc… Tarts are a popular staple in French … Continue reading Tarte aux pommes

Happy Bastille Day Los Angeles!

“Bastille Day is the name given in English-speaking countries to the FrenchNational Day, which is celebrated on  July  14 each year. In France, it is formally called Fête nationale (French pronunciation: ​[fɛːt nasjɔˈnal]; The National Celebration) and commonly Le quatorze juillet (French pronunciation: ​[lə.ka.tɔʁz.ʒɥiˈjɛ]; the fourteenth of July).!!! ”     Wikipedia Our best resources & finds for Bastille Day in Los Angeles! Bastille Day Explained: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2014/07/14/bastille-day-explainer-french-independence/12522863/ 7 Spots to enjoy Bastille Day Fete: http://touch.latimes.com/#section/-1/article/p2p-80760384/  Find more things to do to celebrate July 14 here: http://frenchmorning.com/10-lieux-feter-14-juillet-los-angeles/ Best Bastille Day Restaurants: http://www.gayot.com/restaurants/best-losangeles-ca-bastilleday_2la.html Continue reading Happy Bastille Day Los Angeles!

Do You French “Street Talk”?

“Learn casual French or street talk infused with French culture and you won’t be sounding old-school on your trip!” says Valerie Swanson Parmentier author of French Street Talk. This book is a collaborative effort written for 21st century travelers to France whose time has surely come. Infused with French culture it  is sure to be a hit with learners of the French language!  I haven’t met the author of French Street Talk yet but her zest and passion for the French language and her unique upbeat style leaped out of the page and I found her project compelling and very inspiring. Valerie  was recently a … Continue reading Do You French “Street Talk”?