Coco Chanel Perfumes

With so many wonderful French perfume classics to choose from such perfume houses as Chanel, Givenchy (from my hometown), YSL, Thierry Mugler, Guerlain , Christian Dior, Jean Patou or the newer ones like Annick Goutal and Dyptique, it’s going to be a challenge to pick just a few. Although I love flowers, I prefer a scent that is not too floral and with more spice so for now, … Continue reading Coco Chanel Perfumes

Classic French Men’s Perfumes

Classic French Perfumes share that exquisite timeless essence and refinement magically captured in a bottle by the expert noses of the prestigious French House of Perfumes. What makes a perfume a great perfume is the subtle alchemy of scents intuitively intertwining top, heart, and base notes to birth exquisite, powerful, provocative, and always magnificent masterpieces. While most of the men’s fragrances are Eau de Toilette … Continue reading Classic French Men’s Perfumes

French Gift Ideas for Mom

Bonjour! I hope you enjoy this little compilation of French-inspired gifts to celebrate your Maman! There’s something for every Mom and I will be adding more lovely and original ideas! Pinterest Twitter Facebook Instagram © Copyright French A L.A Carte Blog French Culture & Lifestyle in the US As an Amazon affiliate, French A L.A Carte Blog earns a small fee when you purchase anything … Continue reading French Gift Ideas for Mom

The Quintessential French Cheese Tray

The quintessential French cheese platter or the “Plateau de Fromage“ is a staple at every French meal. With over 400 cheeses made in France in every region, we could easily eat a different cheese every day of the year. Traditionally, there are between 350 to 450 distinct types of French cheese grouped into eight categories, “Les Huit Familles de Fromage” made with three types of milk: cow, … Continue reading The Quintessential French Cheese Tray

Bonjour, un café, S’il Vous Plait!

“Bonjour, un café, s’il vous plaît!” Growing up in France, good manners, politeness, and étiquette is a way of life or savoir-vivre dating back to the noblesse and bourgeoisie. In terms of politeness at home and especially in public, little magic polite words like thank you merci, and please or if you please, s’il vous plaît still go a long way. Other bourgeois ways of … Continue reading Bonjour, un café, S’il Vous Plait!

Kirkland Signature Champagne Brut – Product of France

Cheers! Santé Tchin-Tchin! I’ll try any bottle that says Champagne and Product of France, even if it doesn’t have a fancy French well-known label. This find at $19.99 is from Kirkland Signature the Costco brand and it is very popular judging from the lonesome two cases remaining on display that day. I think this little gem has a story behind it and on the label … Continue reading Kirkland Signature Champagne Brut – Product of France

French Macaron Candle Collection Aldi Finds

Spotted this week at Aldi in North Texas: French Macaron Candle Collection by Huntington Home. These French Macarons smell heavenly of salted caramel, vanilla, and coconut and are boxed in a beautiful reusable gift box. They look and smell good enough to eat but unfortunately, these macarons are not eatable they are candles. They come in three sets and each set is a trio of … Continue reading French Macaron Candle Collection Aldi Finds

French-Inspired Style for Spring

Spring 2021 is here and the Paris Fashion Week show highlighted some hints of color with pinks and reds making a come back this year as well as bigger shoulders and the forever classic strappy sandals. I am not going to bore you with the French cliché classic look, although I do love to wear classy beige tones and khakis, rather I’d like to introduce … Continue reading French-Inspired Style for Spring

A Visit to the Eiffel Tower in Paris,Texas

Well, since we couldn’t go visit Dame, Eiffel in Paris, France we did the next best thing and took a little drive to see the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Texas! It was with excitement and sweet anticipation that my beloved daughter or mon amour de fille and I took the short couple-hour drive from Dallas to Paris on my birthday.  We love spontaneous little road … Continue reading A Visit to the Eiffel Tower in Paris,Texas

Les Papillotes de Noël

Do you know the story of the French foil-wrapped Christmas chocolate called Les Papillotes de Noël ? These delicious treats got their names from Mr. Papillot. It all started in 1790 in Lyon , France with the chocolate maker Monsieur Papillot, his niece, and his apprentice. When Mr. Papillot’s apprentice fell in love with his niece, he would secretly send her love messages scribbled on a … Continue reading Les Papillotes de Noël

Le Black Friday Made In France!

Black Friday in the U.S is typically the day after Thanksgiving or Le Black Friday aka Vendredi Fou (Crazy Friday). (This year with the Coronavirus Confinement Lockdown in France), we have compiled some Made in France online shopping ideas to get a head start on your holiday gifts. From Savon de Marseille to LU Chamonix orange-filled cookies you can find many popular French Products without … Continue reading Le Black Friday Made In France!