Duverger Macarons: Authentic French Macarons in the US!

What makes Les Macarons Duverger so delicious ? The answer is very simple: ” A pinch of childhood Flavors, a handful of natural and organic ingredients, and a great deal of love… Each Duverger’s macaron is carefully confectioned with the best fruits, berries, nuts and almond flour. The passion of  Chef  Claire Becker, is to create the … Continue reading Duverger Macarons: Authentic French Macarons in the US!

Le Pain Quotidien

What he wanted was so simple: bread, hearty and wholesome, with a firm slice and a good crust. Alain Coumont learned about bread as a small child, standing on a chair every Sunday watching his grandmother bake bread. As a young chef in Brussels, Alain could not find the right bread for his restaurant. Passionate about quality, he returned to his roots and opened a small bakery where he could knead flour, salt and water into the rustic loaves of his childhood. He called his bakery “Le Pain Quotidien”. Friends and strangers alike come together around acommunal table to break … Continue reading Le Pain Quotidien