3 Essential French Baking Products

Nowadays you can find almost anything on the internet and especially on Amazon. As I was preparing the Mothers' Day Gift Selection post and the Father's Day post coming out shortly, it dawned on me that I, as a French native, also look for that nostalgic French product I used to use and love and … Continue reading 3 Essential French Baking Products

Best French Breakfast: Oeuf à la Coque

Of course,when you think of a typical French breakfast, images of buttery croissants and pain au chocolat come to mind, but there's another French classic favorite breakfast or "petit déjeuner" that every French man, woman, and child has grown up with. It is the glorious "Oeuf à la Coque!" literally translated as 'Egg in its … Continue reading Best French Breakfast: Oeuf à la Coque

The French Easter Bunny is a Hen!

In France there is no such thing as the Easter Bunny! Easter is depicted with a big fat hen and there are eggs, bells, and fish, but sorry no bunny! The French tradition of the Easter Bells dates back from the 7th Century when the Church had forbidden the ringing of bells from Holy Thursday … Continue reading The French Easter Bunny is a Hen!

Les Petits Macarons

There are early accounts of the creation of a Macaron almond cookie, which could have been the inspiration for the Macaron we enjoy today. Traditionally it is believed that it was introduced in France by the Queen Catherine de Medici's Italian chef during the Renaissance. It wasn’t until the early 1930′s that the “Macaron” took … Continue reading Les Petits Macarons

Happy Macaron Day!

On March 20th,  France celebrates Le jour des Macarons or  Macaron Day! Yes, those scrumptious melt in your mouth little French creations have their own National Day which also happens to coincide with other celebrations that day such as the International Francophonie Day which is the celebration of the French Language spoken all around the world, … Continue reading Happy Macaron Day!

Jambon-Beurre Iconic French Sandwich

The Jambon-Beurre aka Le Parisien or Paris Beurre sandwich is a French iconic sandwich that has been around since the 19th century born in the Halles of Paris during the workers' lunch break. What more simpler than half a baguette smothered with butter and a few slices of deli ham! This is a classic and … Continue reading Jambon-Beurre Iconic French Sandwich

Happy National Croissant Day!

Today January 30th is National Croissant Day in the United States. So we're jumping on the bandwagon to celebrate of course cause for us Frenchies, every day is croissant day and we don't need an excuse to enjoy our buttery staple!  Did you know that croissants (just like French fries) were not originally really French? … Continue reading Happy National Croissant Day!

Les Petits Macarons chez Aldi

What a good find! A dozen authentic French Macarons for a fraction of the cost at Aldi's*** and they taste just like their more expensive cousins. These petits macarons are scrumptious and melt in your mouth delightful, just big enough for a blissful bite. This sweet naughty dozen offers 12 handmade macarons and the flavors … Continue reading Les Petits Macarons chez Aldi

Ladurée’s Digital e-Commerce Revolution

"We are a 150-year-old brand and want to evolve and be a part of the change."  says Ladurée. With the current global pandemic Ladurée has had to adapt and temporarily close  its stores, according to local rules and have even started a Ladurée Relief Fund for US employees. Ladurée  has 8 locations across the United States, … Continue reading Ladurée’s Digital e-Commerce Revolution

Galette des Rois Tradition and Recipe

On January 6th all over France, we celebrate Epiphany Day 12 days after Christmas with La Galette des Rois which is reminiscent of the biblical Christian tradition of the three wise men’s journey or Les Trois Rois Mages bearing gifts of gold, myrrh, and incense following the birth of Jesus. The three wise men or … Continue reading Galette des Rois Tradition and Recipe

Les Escargots de Bourgogne

‘Burgundy snails’ this is Helix species of snail Roman snail Il pleut il mouille c'est la fête à la grenouille but it's also la chasse aux escargots! When it rains the frogs come out but it's also open snail season especially after thunder or early morning dew. « Quand l’orage gronde, l’escargot corne »When thunder roars, the … Continue reading Les Escargots de Bourgogne