Village Baking Co. Boulangerie

The Village Baking Co. Boulangerie is located in a posh neighborhood of Dallas, Texas called Lower Greenville at 1921 Greenville Ave, not far from Downtown. I had heard of this Boulangerie when I posted about French Bakeries in Dallas and after tasting the almond croissant that one of my students kindly brought to French class, well I simply had to get another taste! Almond paste … Continue reading Village Baking Co. Boulangerie

Jacqueline Leonne Rosé

Nothing, besides rose-colored glasses and the original Edith Piaf song, spells “La Vie en Rose” like Rosé wine, and better yet a Rosé Champagne, or a Sparling Rosé! This particular one, Jacqueline Leonne Rosé Sparkling Wine was a happy surprising find for a holiday toast. Made in the traditional Méthode Champenoise, this sparkling rosé is indeed French-inspired, American-made. The label reads: “Jacqueline Leonne is an … Continue reading Jacqueline Leonne Rosé

How to make French Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffles or Les Truffes au Chocolat are French inventions and delicacies for the holidays. They taste decadent and rich but are really child’s play to make. They were created quite by accident in the kitchen of Chef Escoffier when his apprentice made une boulette or a mistake and covered it up with cocoa powder. By the way, the expression faire une boulette literally means … Continue reading How to make French Chocolate Truffles

Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!

Every third Thursday in November we have good reason to celebrate the launch and arrival of a special French wine called as you know Beaujolais Nouveau. It is the first wine of the harvest and we joyfully shout out: “Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!” I have a hunch that this year 2021 will be even more special to pop open a bottle or two with … Continue reading Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé!

Childhood French Goodies From LU

Every culture in the world has its own cultural preferences, customs, traditions, celebrations, its own regional food specialties, and goodies. In the U.S people will rave about their childhood Oreo or chocolate chips cookies. In France, we have many regional specialties and goodies which I like to refer to as gourmandises. These little treats are packed with childhood memories and I suspect that most French … Continue reading Childhood French Goodies From LU

It’s always time for bubbly! Champagne Day

If you ask me, any day is a good time for bubbly. However, today October 22 is the official National Champagne Day in the US, in France, we celebrate Champagne mostly on New Year’s Eve. so I’ll toast to that! I also toast to the French savoir-faire for creating such refined exquisite bubbly that can only be produced in the region of Champagne, France under … Continue reading It’s always time for bubbly! Champagne Day

French Desserts, anyone?

In the United States, there’s a day for everything! So today on October 14 we celebrate National Dessert Day to indulge in delicacies without guilt. The word “dessert” originated from the French word “desservir,” which means to clear the table or the last course to serve. On this day, let’s indulge in French desserts, why don’t we. By that, I mean the real classic desserts … Continue reading French Desserts, anyone?

The Quintessential French Cheese Tray

The quintessential French cheese platter or the “Plateau de Fromage“ is a staple at every French meal. With over 400 cheeses made in France in every region, we could easily eat a different cheese every day of the year. Traditionally, there are between 350 to 450 distinct types of French cheese grouped into eight categories, “Les Huit Familles de Fromage” made with three types of milk: cow, … Continue reading The Quintessential French Cheese Tray

Happy National French Fries Day!

Today July 13th is National French Fries Day! The origins of the world-famous fries are not too clear and the debate is ongoing. Are fries really French? Belgium? Or even American? Well, the history of the infamous fries is confusing and each country can actually claim part ownership for they all contributed to the making of the French Fries. In France potatoes or les patates … Continue reading Happy National French Fries Day!

Georges Duboeuf Artist Label Contest Winner 2021

Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau 2021 Artist Label Contest has a winner! In its 5th year the contest attracted more than 1,000 entries by emerging artists all over the country with over 8,000 votes from art lovers. These were the 2021 Finalists. Félicitations to the artist Felice Kite, of Woodbridge, VA, the winner of the 5th Annual Artist Label Contest! Here’s a sneak peek at the … Continue reading Georges Duboeuf Artist Label Contest Winner 2021

Kirkland Signature Champagne Brut – Product of France

Cheers! Santé Tchin-Tchin! I’ll try any bottle that says Champagne and Product of France, even if it doesn’t have a fancy French well-known label. This find at $19.99 is from Kirkland Signature the Costco brand and it is very popular judging from the lonesome two cases remaining on display that day. I think this little gem has a story behind it and on the label … Continue reading Kirkland Signature Champagne Brut – Product of France