Happy Bastille Day Los Angeles!

“Bastille Day is the name given in English-speaking countries to the FrenchNational Day, which is celebrated on  July  14 each year. In France, it is formally called Fête nationale (French pronunciation: ​[fɛːt nasjɔˈnal]; The National Celebration) and commonly Le quatorze juillet (French pronunciation: ​[lə.ka.tɔʁz.ʒɥiˈjɛ]; the fourteenth of July).!!! ”   … Continue reading Happy Bastille Day Los Angeles!

M83 Debuts at the Hollywood Bowl

Blending shimmering synths, ambient pop and progressive textures, L.A.-based, French-born M83 Anthony Gonzalez makes his Hollywood Bowl debut with the Philharmonic Orchestra! The NY Times called his successful Grammy-nominated Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming “vibrant, elegant and unpredictable.” N.Y. electronic pop duo Phantogram will open. WHO: … Continue reading M83 Debuts at the Hollywood Bowl