French A L.A Carte is a blog that celebrates the French Culture and lifestyle in the United States – by featuring People, Places, and Events but also gastronomy, food & wine, recipes as well as unique French products.

Bonjour! My name is Guylaine Simone Gamble. I am French American and was born in northern France in the Normandie area and grew up in Los Angeles.  I created this blog in April 2011 as a fun hobby to celebrate my French culture and highlight people, places, and events in my city.

The name of the blog was inspired by a previous business venture I created in the early ’90s called French A L.A Carte while I was teaching French to kids of all ages. I thought the name French A L.A Carte was a great fit for a blog as it was born in Los Angeles  L.A and I could offer readers a  French Menu or an A L.A Carte or in L.A selection.

I hope you’ll enjoy the articles and finding out about the French culture in the USA  in particular French foods, French recipes, French restaurants, French products, French events, and the French culture and savoir-vivre in general in the USA.

From Los Angeles, Texas to New York and many places in between, the French culture is alive and well in the United States.

Welcome to French A L. A Carte Blog!

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