Bienvenue and welcome to French A L.A Carte Blog!  This blog features French Culture and Lifestyle in the USA celebrating the French art de Vivre bringing more joie de vivre in your life. French A L.A Carte Blog is the bilingual French Culture & Lifestyle site for Francophones and Francophiles in the USA.

Bonjour, my name is Guylaine Simone Gamble aka for fun, @veryinspiredpro (most of the time:)  because I  have a passion and thrive on inspiration. When I am not blogging I enjoy spending time with my family and discovering new people, places & events.

I am French-American born and raised in a medieval city called Beauvais, Oise in the region of Picardie, France and I grew up in sunny Los Angeles, California. Today I live in Dallas, Texas area with my American husband and two teenagers.

I created this blog in April 2011 as a fun hobby to celebrate my French culture and feature French people, places, and events in my city to share with the French community but also Francophiles and Francophones. (I took a little hiatus from blogging and I am back!) As you can probably tell from the posts, I am a bit of a big gourmande. (One of my bucket lists is to rediscover all of France’s regions and taste all the specialties and wine!)

The name of the blog was inspired by a previous business venture I created in the early ’90s called French A L.A Carte while I was teaching French to kids of all ages. I coined the name French A L.A Carte  (which has become very popular online now) and thought it was a great fit for the blog as well it was born in Los Angeles and I could offer readers a French Menu or an à L.A Carte selection.

Today French A L.A Carte Blog travels in the United States From Los Angeles to Dallas and places all around and in between, the French culture is alive and well in the United States. Welcome to French A L.A Carte Blog, USA!

French A LA Carte lips circle






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French Culture & Lifestyle in the USA 

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