Newport Beach Film Festival French Spotlight 2018- Custody

 French Spotlight Showcase –  Custody –

Jusqu’à la Garde 

Venue: The Triangle | 1h 33m

Date: Tuesday, May 1, Time: 7:45- 9:03 pm

Custody (Jusqu’à La Garde) is written and directed by Xavier Legrand, starring Léa Drucker, Denis Ménochet, Thomas Gioria, Mathilde Auneveux, and Florence Janas. A brutal divorce separates an abusive man from his children and a year later, he returns determined to get shared custody of his son. Now caught in the center of an intense custody battle, the 11-year-old boy fights to make sure he never has to see the man again. Unfortunately, his mother has never filed a complaint against her ex-husband, a fact that could lead to her downfall as the man plays the part of a kind and caring father before the court.


Newport Beach Film Festival’s European Showcase Celebration honors the best in European filmmaking is hosted by Time Nightclub and PBS SoCal, featuring top entertainment and hors d’oeuvres prepared by award-winning Orange County restaurants &  bar by Tito’s Vodka.


Start Time: 9:30pm

Location: Time Nightclub 1875 Newport Blvd B245
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Cost: Film + Party Ticket: $45

 Film only: $20
(Discount code is FRENCHFIVE)

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