Duverger Macarons: Authentic French Macarons in the US!

Duverger macarons

What makes Les Macarons Duverger so delicious ? The answer is very simple:

” A pinch of childhood Flavors, a handful of natural and organic ingredients, and a great deal of love… Each Duverger’s macaron is carefully confectioned with the best fruits, berries, nuts and almond flour. The passion of  Chef  Claire Becker, is to create the perfect combination of texture and flavor : two slightly crispy shells and a lush enticing filling make every single bite a pure moment of delight. An authentic Duverger’s macaron will melt in your mouth and slowly release the taste of its raw ingredients like a symphony of flavors.”

Duverger Macarons are only confectioned with upscale natural & organic ingredients. No preservatives, artificial flavoring or chemical colors. Gluten free ingredients. Enjoy Duverger Macarons in 18 tantalizing luscious all – natural  flavors :

Duverger Macarons Flavours 2:2

Duverger Macarons Flavors 1:2

Duverger Macarons are available at Whole Foods and other selected places, as well as online nationwide.

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