The Omar Sy Phenomena: The Intouchables!!!


The Omar Sy Phenomena : The Intouchables !!!

Omar Sy is officially France’s most popular personality and darling and I will venture to say France’s own Eddie Murphy or Chris Tucker!  It was high time for French movie makers to bring us actors of this comedic and human caliber through the heart warming true comedy “Les Intouchables!” about a quadriplegic, white Parisian millionaire who hires a black Senegalese troublemaker as his attendant.

Omar Sy tells The Wrap “It feels “fantastic” to be the first to break the race barrier for French cinema accolades, but “hopefully there will be a time when that denomination –the ‘first black’ or ‘first North African’ — will be meaningless and it doesn’t matter who it is. That’s the hopeful place to look forward to!”

For the directors “It was a question of timing. For Europe, it was a special moment of crisis,” says Eric Toledano in LA Times, writer and director of the film with Olivier Nakache,  “People were very depressed. There was bad news about the future and the present. And here we have a very simple story about human relationships.”

The movie’s huge commercial success ( grossing over 400 millions in box-offices worldwide) is more than just the touching story of two individuals, it is a universal message whose time has come and that reaches everyone of all nationalities, creed ,color, social class and standing.

Omar Sy brings a candid, genuine freshness to the screen that we haven’t seen in a while in French cinema and the charisma between the actors leaps out of the screen and into our hearts! Laughter, tenderness and touching raw humanness knows no boundaries.

In his LA Times interview Omar Sy says: “I  think it was perfect timing. Now in France, there’s a certain fog, people can’t see the way. And the movie is a small light, it speaks about friendship, love, hope; it rings true with everyone. It was a good feeling for everybody, to feel that something good is possible.”

According to  COLCOA “The Intouchables”  is already a video best-seller in the US, two months before its DVD release!!!  The DVD and Blu-ray releases of the 2012 COLCOA Audience Award and the 2012 COLCOA Critics Special Prize is now scheduled after the Academy Awards ceremony on MARCH 5, 2013.” This French Entry for Best Foreign Film Oscar is also on the Academy Awards Short list for nomination announced on January 10 in Los Angeles!!!”

A few months ago, in a recent French interview Omar Sy admitted that  “he is living in Los Angeles now to find a little peace… ” hummm…well enjoy the little peace while you can Omar, you’re gonna be  one very busy actor in Hollywood and all!





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