Art4Good “Inspiring Change with Every Brush Stroke!”- The American Red Cross Sandy Relief


“Inspiring Change with Every Brush Stroke!”

Real art is one of the most powerful forces in the rise of mankind, and he who renders it accessible to as many people as possible is a benefactor of humanity”

~ Zoltan Kodaly ~

Of course, I just had to share these inspired  Nostalgic Art Deco Giclées with a French twist with you especially from  Art For Good Foundation! These wonderful Giclées are available at a very irresistible special price to support  The American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Mission!!!  (Please scroll down to order yours! )  What is The Art4Good Foundation and what is their mission?

(Courtesy Reprint follows)

The Art4Good Foundation

Non Profit Organization

“Inspiring Change With Every Brush Stroke!”

It is always the creative ones who truly change the world. The mission of the Art For Good Foundation is two fold: to engage and encourage creativity in kids of all ages and inspire them to give back.

As a major stakeholder in The Artist In You, Inc., we have provided funding and support to create a global nexus of affinity where creativity is embraced, without judgement, to be celebrated by all. We are on a constant and continuous search for Burgeoning Artistswho need professional representation and advice but have no immediate access or funds to further their careers.

We provide support services, including publishing of works of excellence, while still appropriating a portion of proceeds from sales to participating charities and underscoring the professional success of the participating artists and their residual benefits from each new sale.

Since inception, via social media, we have helped to create several interactive platforms to engage others to share and express their creativity including The Artist In You page on Facebook which currently reaches an average of twelve million (12,000,000) viewers each month by sharing a wide variety of creative posts, challenges, and contests for artists of all styles, genres, ages. Creating a borderless global community, in tandem, we have also funded and launched a truly unique television channel on you tube, The Artist In You TV Channel.

Most recently, we enabled the launch of The Artist In You Blog, where words of art and visuals are posted by a growing contingency of bloggers of all ages and backgrounds, in a multitude of categories. Within our first month, The Artist In You Blog has already ranked #1 in the Causes category, #2 in the Creative category and #3 in the Arts category of all networked blogs within the Facebook community of over 500,000,000 throughout the world.

Via Twitter, we share inspirational quotes and links each day to a following that continues to grow each day, too. Within each of these components of this “nexus of affinity” we have created a global buzz of participation. Many celebrity activists have indicated their support by becoming fans and friends. Philanthropic Brands, World Leaders, Activists and Renowned Viable Charities have ‘liked’ and linked to us, and our global family grows, a new creative revolution for positive change each hour of every day!

Why your purchases of art and/or direct donations mean so much!

In sum, when you acquire works of art from Art For Good Foundation here, you are also making an investment in both the world of The Arts and in the world of giving back and “doing good”; creatively maximizing the impact of our collective ongoing contributions. We will be enabled to donate our support to a multitude of worthy causes via our art collection sales and auctions, and our staff and volunteers can continue our growing public outreach and massive following of like-minded people. Everyone wins. Everyone benefits.

100% of net proceeds (exclusive of actual costs of artworks made available here and costs of shipping and handling) are reinvested in projects that support The Arts. In addition, we have created special and specific galleries and made works available for collectors to choose specific charity beneficiaries to benefit from their purchases and acquisitions. Via these specific Featured Charity Galleries25% of all net proceeds will be donated to that charity.

Lastly, we will also host specific on-line Charity Auctions, created to benefit Charitable Organizations, at no cost to established non-profit organizations. All proceeds (100%) above reserves (opening bids) will be donated to those charities participating.

Imagine… You now have an opportunity to acquire published, internationally acclaimed; collectible works of art and know you have also contributed to a solution, a humanitarian outreach or a search for a cure!

“Our solutions MUST be beyond anything we have ever considered. We should not be afraid to try bold NEW approaches.”~ Mary Landrieu ~

BUY NOW (includes shipping, handling, processing)
Helps support  The American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief mission!!!  
Here are a few and visit the site for more!

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