LA Woman Rising !

LA Woman Rising  !

by Nana Agyapong 

LA Woman Rising is a video art documentary that follows 50 types of women waking up the morning and getting ready for the day in the belly of Los Angeles. Please join the movement and contribute to help raise the remaining fund to finish my passion project, an art haus documentary: LA WOMAN RISING!

“Every morning, I wonder what the day will bring?  If I ask myself these questions then, many women must do the same, right?

The title “LA Woman Rising” started with the song “LA Woman” by Jim Morrison of the Doors. That song initially created a visual icon – an image of the individual woman, an object of beauty and desire. But LA women represent so much more than that. I have chosen 50 LA women that might surprise you.

Variously, they are homeless, a lawyer, a porn star, a doctor, impoverished, rich, a maid, actress (of course!), a painter, and the list goes on. They all appear in my film.

It is easy to see what separates us from each other, after all we all look and sound different, we all come from different parts of the world, but what we all share in common is waking up in the same city, the city of Angels.

The  uniquely beautiful women I have chosen are not only and getting ready for the day, they are rising to live their Dreams.

LA itself is a woman – a city unique in the world. She sits on the Pacific Ocean’s rim, and beckons all to come into her arms. Everyone in LA has heard this siren call, and is here for a personal reason. LA is the perfect oasis for the utopian dream. But no one really knows what each day will bring. This uncertainty, this hope is what LA Women all share in common.

In the film  “LA Woman Rising” I want to explore what it means to be human, What characteristics we share in common in morning, in order to face each day. Each woman in this film represents the mythology of Los Angeles, all the ideas and clichés.

In the process of production my goal was to shoot each woman in their own environment, without make- up or posing only the emotions, the golden sunlight of Los Angeles and the hour of the morning.

In the eyes of each LA woman in this documentary , we see that no matter what the obstacles are that life may throw our way, We must rise each morning and leap into our dreams one step at a time, with nothing or no one stopping us. As hard as this journey can be, this city of angels can inspire those who take it on.

With my talented group of cinematographers, We were able to capture the spontaneous, raw, natural and real essence of each woman.

We are here on Kickstarter to raise the finishing funds for the film. The amount of money raised will go toward two more days of shooting B roll footage of Los Angeles. Animation, graphic work, editing and post production services including (music sound and color correction and submissions to film festivals).

I want everyone that watches this film to be inspired and to gain the hope and the strength to rise and live their dreams each day.

Please watch the trailer and contribute to  make “LA Woman Rising to become a fine and completed film.”

Thank you Nana Agyapong!  I was personally very moved by the theme of this beautifully inspired  project created and envisioned by a woman for all women that I couldn’t resist to just post it here verbatim from her own words which beautifully express  the rich and noble intent behind this creative artist project. I am certain that it will reach the heart and soul and resonate in many women and people. Find out more, participate and support LA Woman Rising project and please do by September 29!

LA Woman Rising on Facebook!


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