Cabaret Versatile- Carpe Noctem

Lola Ohlala & Cabaret Versatile Present “Carpe Noctem” at the Asylum Theater on August 10th 2012!!!

Cabaret Versatile is the only authentic French Cabaret troupe in Los Angeles. Awarded “Best of Cabaret & Variety Show” and recipient winner of the “Best Cabaret and Variety Show of the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2012”!  CARPE NOCTEM will be performing  at the Asylum Theatre this upcoming  Friday August 10th as part of their Best of Fringe program. This is a  ONE NIGHT ONLY event !!! If you already had bought your ticket for their previous rescheduled  show, you can just exchange it for Friday. Just make sure to email !

CARPE NOCTEM (“seize the night”) is an intimate evening of authentic French Cabaret in which the personalities of five Parisian cabaret dancers Lola OhlalaAlyssa FuhrmanCharlotte HenryAnnie Gaia and Julianne Kusmierczyk  unfold to the sensual music of Max Raabe, Juliette Greco and Enoch Light among others.

CARPE NOCTEM is the brainchild of French cabaret dancer/choreographer Lola OhLaLa. After having trotted around the globe through France, England, Scotland,Thailand and beyond, Lola and Marie found one another in the City of Angels. Together they formed Cabaret Versatile and have written their first show, which  premiered at the 2012 Hollywood Fringe Festival (June 14-24).

Don’t miss  out! Get your TICKETS for CARPE NOCTEM  before they run out!

“An evening of Feathers, Cancan and Glitz a la mode de Paris: who could resist?” not moi!!!

EXTRA SNEAKPEAK Cabaret Versatile Photos: On July 15, 2012 we had the thrill to be entertained all day at the Bastille Day LA 2012 by this phenomenal troupe of dancers!

More to come on this fabulous dancer & artist Lola Ohlala!


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