Do You French “Street Talk”?

“Learn casual French or street talk infused with French culture and you won’t be sounding old-school on your trip!” says Valerie Swanson Parmentier author of French Street Talk. This book is a collaborative effort written for 21st century travelers to France whose time has surely come. Infused with French culture it  is sure to be a hit with learners of the French language!  I haven’t met the author of French Street Talk yet but her zest and passion for the French language and her unique upbeat style leaped out of the page and I found her project compelling and very inspiring. Valerie  was recently a guest on Radio France to  talk about her project on the well known “Allo la Planete” show.

Furthermore, this book project is promoted through an awesome organization called  “Authr Project”  created by Erik Bowman.  Authr helps aspiring and established Authors raise funds for their book projects. They offer a unique fundraising platform that transforms as your book project progresses, allowing anyone to take their book from fundraising to sales. This really sounds like a wonderful and powerful vehicle for aspiring writers in making their dreams come true to become a published author. This is the book project’s  original link for repost, sharing or donating to help make it happen!

To find out out more about the author Valerie Swanson Parmentier and to brush -up on your French visit her LA French Study Group  in  Long Beach area on Facebook!

French Street Talk

By Valerie Swanson-Parmentier


What is a traveler to do?

So many travelers take French language courses or read books before heading to France, only to find that once they get there, nobody is speaking any of that “book-French” that they learned. And most courses fail to focus on understanding today’s French culture.

French Street Talk is an insider’s guide to speaking French in the 21st century. Whether it’s been awhile since you’ve parler francais’d or you don’t speak a lick of French – this book will give you lessons in casual French or “street talk”, so you can get around without sounding old school.

Written by a fun, free-spirited and funky French native, you’ll learn today’s French patois, cultural insight, and a few cheeky but useful phrases that aren’t taught in formal language courses. It’s like learning French from a friend.


Valerie Swanson-Parmentier is a professional translator, interpreter, illustrator and independent French teacher. Having lived and traveled around the world, Valerie is proficient in several languages but one of her greatest passions is for teaching French, her native language.

Forever a proud Lyonnaise, Valerie infuses French culture into the California lifestyle where she currently lives. Inspiring others through her work and spirit, Valerie is a French culture ambassador in her community of students, clients and friends.

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Welcome Friend! This Authr Book Project Page was created by Valerie Swanson-Parmentier to promote, market and sell her book French Street Talk .



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