Lilou’s European Juicy Living Tour 2012

NEW videos on Lilou webTV

Juicy Living Tour EUROPE is hosted by Lilou Mace. Lilou has uploaded more than 1,700 videos online since March 2006. In April 2012 she had over 14-million video views on Youtube alone. Her channel is growing exponentially as she shares online her adventures and interviews with conscious people.

What Lilou is doing is not unique. Many people around the world are demonstrating the beauty and magic of following their heart and true nature. They are now living their potential and uniqueness on the planet. Lilou wants to give her co-creators the knowledge, stories, technology, connections to realize their human and universal potential. Humanity is entering into a new phase of evolution. It is essential that we are now all connected and can quickly communicate important information to each other.

Lilou archives her interviews on several websites, and encourages video bloggers to share and embed her interviews on their blog, site and social media so we can spread this information fast and to millions around the globe in minutes. Lilou’s videos first point of entry are  YouTube , Lilou Mace Web TV,  Juicy Living Tour.

In 2012-2013 most videos will be recorded in Europe for this 2nd edition of the Juicy Living Tour. Lilou will be traveling every month and all year to as many countries as possible such as the United Kingdom, France, Holland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Latvia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Croatia, Slovania, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Greece, Czech Republic and more.

The tour is financed from donations of viewers to cover travel expenses, flights, car rentals, hotels, equipment, food, etc.

Juicy Living Tour EUROPE Trailer – Starting April 17th 2012



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