Sylvie de Gil is Jomsy’s Fashion Dream Maker!

Sylvie de Gil is the founder of Jomsy Inc, Fashion Design Consulting and Jomsy Luxury Scarves. Not only does she successfully help launch new designers’ careers by helping them create their clothing lines in the US applauded on the LA Fashion Week’s runway among others. This month, she is also launching a brand new star product and a shooting is in the works with top US photographers & models and a behind-the-scene glimpse into the world of fashion through unique videos on YouTube.

                                                   “I love Life, it’s exciting just like fashion! “


I meet Sylvie de Gil in her new showroom in the Cooper Building in between a few Skype calls with clients. This woman is enthralled with her work amidst a whirlwind of activities. Born in Paris in an artistic family, Sylvie de Gil is a Parisian designer who lives in Los Angeles. She has a strong family background in fashion and grew up immersed in an artistic environment.

Her mother and aunt both worked with Christian Dior and Thierry Mugler and her father was a classical pianist. She embraced a diplomatic lifestyle and traveled the world with her husband always keeping herself very active and involved in her community by creating various Associations.

Her world travels have opened her eyes and mind. On a more personal note, Sylvie is trilingual, an avid reader and enjoys technology and wide-open spaces. She has lived all around the world in Europe, Canada, and Australia and has made several cross-country trips across the USA, the Grand Canyon, Nevada , Arizona, Texas and Australia. Sylvie would like to develop her business in Latin America & Spain!

“My inspiration comes from my many travels. My mind is like a rich palette of colors, from the grays of New York City to the warm golden sand of Australian beaches…My eyes have seen a thousand different hues and colors… “
Sylvie de Gil offers young designers a sure step-by-step method to create their line sometimes in record times from concept to reality onto the catwalk! Sylvie de Gil enjoys the challenge and works with passion in a world she knows intimately well. Her creative mind is always one step ahead and she thrives on making things happen quickly with a zillion ideas bubbling!

 “I am a visionary because I have an inner sense of fashion that is avant-garde and futuristic, I enjoy inventing and creating new products and pioneering creative work methods in the fashion industry.”

Sylvie has personally coached many designers from all over the world and enjoys accompanying  all her designers from start to finish in the process of creating luxurious fashion clothing lines and helping them market their new product.  She has helped launch the careers of many designers: Caroline Monick, Edita Collection who recently graced the Ethos Project runway during LA Fashion Week, Jinny Jean Active Wear and several upcoming designers such as Virginie Villette, Candid Goddess.


“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Coco Chanel

Read this interview in French



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