The French Connection Radio is on Adrenaline!

The French Connection Radio is on Adrenaline!  High energy, enthusiasm, in a spirit of good serious humor, fun & wit  (including hilarious jingles), The French Connection brings listeners newsworthy inspired guests of the hour in L.A!  This weekly radio show is making quite a buzz and it’s definitely full of adrenaline!   Listen to the weekly French Connection show on Adrenaline Radio every Friday nights from 6-7 PM (PST) hosted by Bruno Tuzet, Benoit Clair (US West Coast Permanent Correspondent for TF1, AP TV and Europe 1 ), Claire L. Arnaud Aubour and Valérie Laganière.   (Picture below courtesy of The French Connection featuring the Team and their special in studio  guest actress Josée Brisebois)

The French Connection’s formidable and dynamic team delights listeners with a variety of hot topics and people with a French and Canadian flair.  Interviews and intimate encounters with artists, actors, celebrities, authors and movers & shakers.  From Sebastien Stella best known for his choreography in Water for Elephants among others , an interview with Leonardo DiCaprio, the Canadian actress Josée Brisebois graces the studio along with a talk with Jean-Dujardin about his latest Globe Award winning role in The Artist, Jermaine Jackson shares intimate insights about his brother Michael Jackson in his new book “You Are Not Alone” released in France by Laffont just last week. This Friday, on February 3rd,  I’ll tune in to listen to Christine Lewicki who will talk about her bestselling book J’Arrête de Râler (I Stop Complaining!)  and much more! There’s always a little something extra for the listeners and it’s a pleasure to hear local newsworthy entertaining broadcasts in L.A  ….in French! Tune in!  En direct sur les ondes!

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