Gift Ideas with a French Twist!

Gifts ..les petits cadeaux …we love giving them and we love receiving them and they come in every shape and sizes. In Los Angeles, the French culture is alive and well and there is no shortage of French inspired gift ideas depending on your taste, style and budget.  I selected for you totally different and hors de l’ordinaire gift ideas with a French twist, of course!

( Here are my top 5 and I think the list may be growing…)

Les Macarons Duverger

The macaron, also called the Paris macaron, is a sweet cookie made with two almond meringue discs filled with a layer of butter cream, jam or panache filling. Les Macarons Duverger are handmade, gluten-free and made with only natural and organic ingredients. They come in assortments in perfect gift boxes! Un petit délice!

J’Arrête de Râler!  book by Christine Lewicki

This bestselling book in France, in English “I Stop Complaining!”  is sure to have a positive  impact  (we all know someone who really needs it, don’t we?)  It comes with its own special wristband! Follow Christine Lewicki, French business coach based in L.A, speaker, MasterMind Leader in her personal 21 day challenge and journey to go from complaining (maybe a little too much, ourselves…?) to really celebrating Life! Or give yourself or someone a head start in business in 2012 with a self-study program Game Plan For Your Business! or go all out and  book your very own one-on-one VIP Day in Los Angeles or Paris!

Natural Perfumes  by JoAnne Bassett

These natural perfumes created to awaken the beauty within by couture perfumer JoAnne Bassett. Discover this wondrous world in Aromatic Journeys.  Have you ever dreamed of creating your very own signature perfume? JoAnne offers workshops called “Create Your Own Empowering Essence™”.

“JoAnne names her perfumes in French. The reason is her adoration for French perfumery and the French blood in her veins. Her father was French, an offspring of a noble family with roots going deep, all the way to Charlemagne!”  Indulge your senses !

French CollectionThe Royal Collection and Le Voyage  are dedicated to a select few French women who have a certain “air of sophistication”. French women love life! Wearing their essence you will capture their French mystique.There are no synthetic fragrance oils, nature identical oils, or manmade fragrances of any type in Joanne Bassettl Parfums. They contain genuine essential oils and absolutes extracted from the plants or cold pressed from the fruits in an organic grape alcohol base.” Check out the gorgeous gift boxes just in time for the holidays and all the other delicious creations!   C’est magnifique!

Cocktail Wax  Gift Certificates for men & women!

Christina Amrani and her expert staff welcomes you in a lush and relaxed atmosphere at Cocktail Wax in Beverly Hills/La Cienega area. This cosy yet elite salon offers a variety of services for both men and women and uses only natural French and exotic waxes (with over 20 fragrant flavors on the menu each with different properties for your skin from Champagne, kiwi to chocolate to name just a few! )

Think waxing is not for you? Try the house cocktail and enjoy this exclusive pampering experience! How about a “Vajayzzling”? “You deserve it!” says Christina!

Men: Moments  by Albane Navizet

Only a French woman with the heart of a poet, an eye for the magnificence of each individual, and the technique of a master photographer could have produced the book, Men: Moments.” says Quincy Jones of celebrity photographer Albane Navizet’s gorgeous collection of men photographs in  “Les Hommes: Instants” published by Flammarion.  And how about learning some pro tricks in Albane’s e-book and taking beautiful photographs yourself? Check out The Photographer Manual!

Lady Muse Creations by Mathilde Rosset

“French-born visionary mystic, performer, and designer Mathilde Rosset  seeks to empower her  Goddess sisters to dare express their uniqueness, to own it and become the most beautiful true selves from “the inside out!”. She longs to help women free themselves  from the pressure dictated by the media. By offering a feminine fashion with statements, this designer is on a journey  to inspire all women to  reconnect with their inner world,  wisdom,  beauty and Mother Nature.

These are exquisite divine one of a kind creations. Lady Muse uses only recycled, reused or organic and sustainable silks and fabrics. Each unique garment  such as  the Desposyni Coat-   comes to you with its very own story, a poetic impulsion inspired by the Feminine, a vibrant call to the True Self.”

And finally… I don’t think you can go wrong with homemade Gift Baskets with a French twist!   Always appreciated and fun to make! Design them yourself and be as creative and lavish as you like.

















Stuff your basket with whatever is sure to please: yummy French gourmet foods, wine and cheese from your favorite market,  homemade French goodies such as crêpes, Madeleines or truffles (don’t forget to include a big jar of Nutella from Costco), special treats for the coffee lover, champagne bubbles with two flutes, music lover,  chocolate lover’s delights, lovers’ special treats….














Possibilities and ideas are endless and gift baskets are very personalized and fit every budget!

In the end, it really is the thought that counts!

What comes from the heart touches the heart!

“Ce qui vient du coeur touche le coeur!” ❤

Joyeuses Fêtes! Happy Holidays!


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