On Route 66!

The beauty of living in Los Angeles is the variety of scenery and nature surrounding us!   Within a short 20 minutes we can choose to hit the ocean and the beach along Pacific Coast Highway on a mild  80F  Autumn day  – we usually go through the majestic canyons from the San Fernando Valley -or within a short  hour and a half drive, head over for some fresh mountain air and powder snow without the twisted and narrow mountain roads in direction of Barstow, Las Vegas  to Mountain High in Wrightwood at Angeles National Forest.  (the other way takes you to San Bernardino Mountains and Lake Arrowhead & Big Bear Resorts)

After Thanksgiving, we decided to get away from the hustle & bustle of  the city for a day of fresh crisp mountain air, snow-play  and hot chocolate!  We got off to a great start all packed-up  and filled with anticipation for our great Road Trip adventure!  About less than an hour on the road, our car broke down on the Freeway. All  four of us squeezed together in the AAA tow truck  and  the driver took us to wonderful people at Brian Wood Automotive in Glendora. We were  back on the road in less than an hour and  enjoyed our left-over turkey sandwiches in the shop waiting room!  We decided to take  a bit of scenic route and  headed down the famous California Interstate Route 66   cactus filled landscape  in direction of Mojave desert to get to the mountains.

At almost 7,00 feet elevation the majestic mountain peaks covered with snow welcomed us. Families parked along the road in search of the perfect snow play and sliding area ! Mountain High Resort had a few snowboarders enjoying the resort. We drove up to a fork in the road and parked at Inspiration Point. We  discovered little paths suitable for sliding and cross-country skiing lateron in the season  The children were in heaven with snowball fights and  the magic of snow!

This was a little road  trip we will not forget… on the way back we witnessed a most beautiful sunset frolicking on the long mogul stretch of never-ending road crossing the desert at nightfall and our hydraulic system decided to collapse as we leisurely drove back home  35 MPH  and made it back safely in 3 hours!  The children’s laughter as we hiccupped back home  and the glorious day in the snow is what memories are made of , after all!

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