Lilou Macé

Lilou Macé was born in Santa Barbara, California in August 1977 from French parents. She grew up in Nantes, France and has lived in the US since November 2000 after graduating from Brookes University (UK) and ESC La Rochelle, France with a BA in European in Business Studies.

Lilou is an entrepreneur, inspirational author, and web sensation. Her first venture was starting her own internet marketing company. Since then, she has gone on to write books, start her own publishing company Juicy Living Publishing , travel the globe interviewing New York Times bestselling authors and other inspired people.

Lilou is also the co-founder of an online community called “Co-Creating Our Reality: 100-Day Reality Challenge.” Her  Youtube  channel is growing exponentially as she shares online her adventures and interviews with conscious people in 140 countries worldwide.

Lilou booksMostly known today as an international spiritual and wellbeing webTV interviewer and author  of “I Lost My Job and I Liked It!”  and “I Had No Money and I Liked It!” translated in French and other languages.

Inspired by Oprah whom she had the pleasure of meeting, Lilou began producing her own inspirational TV show in November of 2006. Originally called “My Juicy Life”, and later entitled “Live a Juicy Life!”. The show follows Lilou as she interviews the authors of motivational, spiritual, and self-help books; a practice she still continues

She has interviewed Wayne Dyer, Ram Dass, Mark Nepo, Don Miguel Ruiz, Dr Joe Dispenza, James Redfield, Derek Mills, Byron Katie, Caroline Myss, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dr James Hardt, John Gray, Robert Holden, Sonia Choquette, Mooji, Foster Gamble, David Icke, Baptist de Pape, Dr John Demartini, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Drew Heriot, Amma, Debbie Ford, Patrick Flanagan and many more!

Lilou has millions of viewers on YouTube, has conducted 700+ interviews, and is one of the fastest-growing Web TV hosts globally. Her videos are translated into many languages for viewers around the globe.

Her vision is to develop and expand Web TV programs in all the main languages and countries around the world. Lilou’s mission is to create and host an international communication network to “inspire, motivate, and empower millions of people to pursue their dreams” and to “help spread joy, freedom, and personal awakening.

Lilou resides “on the road,” as she is traveling and interviewing Juicy people, authors and spiritual teachers on video for the “Juicy Living Tour” during  the next 12 months and  as she visits sacred sites, beautiful places our earth has gifted us.

Back to France she was recently a guest on French national TV Direct8, attended the Salon du Livre and other events while bringing us more fascinating interviews.

More about Lilou ‘s work visit her website

Editor’s Note : After reading Lilou’s book“I Lost my job and I liked it “ I felt so encouraged and inspired because I had also recently lost my job ( ironically I changed career in 2009 and she wrote the book in 2009) I admired her courage to write it as it is and to pour her soul out on paper ( or into the recorder).

A few years later,  I contacted Lilou and I remember it was awesome to meet & talk to Lilou via Skype. She was so natural, warm, beautiful and inspiring. That day, she was about to interview Don Miguel Luiz after our meeting.  It was my 1st Skype meetup and I was so nervous and also confused seeking answers on my personal spiritual path….

I still have a question to ask Lilou …maybe surely another day. 🙂


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