Evelyne Ustarroz is 100% Basque!

Had the great pleasure to meet up with a phenomenal powerhouse of a gal! Her name is Evelyne Ustarroz and she is 100% Basque! Evelyne is passionate about her Basque heritage and loves to share her colorful, vibrant, and rich culture!

She is also passionate about service and volunteering and has made and continues to make much contributions to the French community in Los Angeles over the years! With a multitude of talents at her fingertips Fashion Design,  Special Events Producer with a strong P.R, Marketing & Sales team to back her up. Evelyne is full of surprises! An accomplished chef and the exclusive manufacturer of a delicious Basque Cake simply called ” Evelyne’s  Gâteau Basque“. It is really delicious!  (I tasted it,  dreamy light, creamy with a hint of  sweet almond… can’t say anymore …it’s a secret recipe!)

Evelyne Ustarroz, a woman with a passion and a mission. Just last month, she produced and organized her very first  event and what  a great successful event it was celebrating the First Annual Basque Culture Village at The LA County Fair in association with Pageantry Productions. You can read all about The Basque Village and see all the wonderful pictures in a earlier post here! ( here are a few…)

This morning, highlights of  The Basque Village  made it all the way to France appearing on the national morning T.V show Télématinand on the Francophone U.S Channel TV5 Monde with another segment which will air  November 8th! Stay tuned!

We sat down recently in Los Feliz at Café Figaro for a lovely “Crêpes au poulet” lunch to  talk  about her new projects while getting to  know each other better, following The Basque Village‘s resounding success.  Filled with on-going all day entertainment from  Folkloric Basque Dancers , Gaunden Bat dancers, Spanish beauties Alma Mora & Linda Cuevas Flamenco and the Luiza Danza Studio, smooth French music of Evyn Charles, The Anonymous Band, DeiTy  to funky R&B classics with Johan & The Panache Band,  yummy foods, and special performances throughout the 3 day event welcoming throusands at the LA County Fair , Pomona Fairplex!

“It was very important for me to start my first Festival as a producer with a theme which belongs to my culture. ” says Evelyne, “It is very important to remember you have ROOTS that need to be refueled. “

Who is Evelyne Ustarroz?

” Evelyne is 100% Basque! I am an artist at heart.”

What does it mean to be Basque?

” It is coming from the origins, an old civilization. We can identify someone Basque by his courage and authenticity”

What is your “Mission”?

“To connect People. To help them be free and connect  to the world. By producing events, I can better help people communicate , fulfill their dreams through art, music, food, education and travel”

What is your philosophy of Life?

” A T T I T U D E !   Be happy and positive!”

Your motto?

“The only things that can never meet …are the mountain tops”

Any pet peeves?

” People with Ego…annoy me “

Favorite quote?

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development according to the individual” by Albert Einstein and this one “To be a mother never ends…” that’s my quote!” says Evelyne with a twinkle in her eye!

Look out world and be ready for exciting projects, ” The main goal is to do it bigger and better every time, giving opportunities to talents and vendors to expose themselves, welcoming worldwide visitors! ”  this woman will move mountains…she is Basque, after all… 100% Basque!

Thank you Evelyne and thumbs UP  or as you Basque  say,  “Aupa!”

Basque LA  Community is on Facebook


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