Ben L’Oncle Soul à Make Music Pasadena

Ben L'Oncle SOul
Premiere U.S Appearance!!!
The Luckman World Stage
June 2011
It was a crowded hot day and music filled the air at The Make Music 
Pasadena - Fête de la Musique event!


The Luckman World Stage welcomed Ben L'Oncle Soul for his very first 
U.S performance before his U.S Tour!

I like that shot!
The happy red balloon floating among the crowd...
Ben gives 100% on stage and 100% audience participation!

How high can you jump? Ben is shooting for the moon among the stars!
Ben and his band gave an all-star upbeat performance!
Cds and posters flew off the tables like hot cakes! Love that 
old-vinyl vintage look!
Ben is a Huge hit!
My son Sky and the Red ball in the concert crowd
Ben conquers Los Angeles!
Ben really enjoys meeting his fans post-show
He loves his fans and we love him!!!

How sweet is that? Ben took this souvenir picture himself!  Thank you !

@Photos credits by Guylaine Simone Gamble / except this last one! :)

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